How to Celebrate A Long-Distance Thanksgiving

Family is everything. This feels especially true when it comes to the holidays. With 2020 being the year of much unprecedented time apart, a long-distance Thanksgiving is among one of the most impactful events. Keep the celebration going with gratitude and these tips, even if it is at a distance.

No matter the distance, family is always connected. We understand how difficult it is to feel connected, especially during 2020 and all-things COVID-19. That’s why we came up with a couple of different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving even when you are celebrating Thanksgiving long-distance.

Socially Distant Celebrations

Although 2020 provided a ton of roadblocks in many people’s paths, technology is helping to bridge many gaps. Having a socially distant Thanksgiving celebration may take on many forms. For some, it is a smaller guest list, spread out seating or an outdoor gathering.

For others, they may not have the luxury to even be socially distant because they live so far apart. Being near and dear to their loved ones must be worked out another way.

Making the most of long-distance Thanksgivings is all about bridging the gap- no matter what that entails. Regardless if you are 20 miles apart or 200, being confined in your home for the holidays and away from loved ones is no easy matter. The holidays are an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones we may not get to otherwise see.

Connecting long distance for the holidays has us feeling more disconnected than ever. The one plus of life in 2020 is having technological advancements as easy access tools.

It makes socially distant or long-distance celebrations a little more tolerable. If you are one of the many people searching for the best ways on how to celebrate Thanksgiving long-distance, consider your options.

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to make things better, so if a long-distance Thanksgiving or holiday season is the path to be taken, let us help make it the best it can be with tips for Thanksgiving planning long distance.

Virtual Cooking

No holiday is the same without a good meal. It just won’t be Thanksgiving. Long-distance holidays are on the horizon. It is something that has to be considered, as they are approaching quickly. Among the most asked question involves meal prep. Understand that prepping a long-distance Thanksgiving meal may look different for everyone.

We all have that one person in our life that we connect with like no other. Imagining going through the holidays without them may be hard to comprehend. It may be that your mom always cooks holiday meals, or your dad is the life of the celebration. Perhaps your grandparents have always hosted during the holidays, and the year 2020 is making all those realities turn into impossibilities.

Virtual meal prep is one way those traditions can stay practiced even this year. Sure, they may look different, but it is something.

It is often said that the ways to someone’s heart is through their stomach. With the holidays having food as their focal point, one way to stay together is to cook together regardless of guidelines. We aren’t saying to ignore CDC guidelines. We are encouraging you to get creative while staying safe.

Cook the same meal together or have the traditional Thanksgiving host (whomever that may be) host a Zoom Thanksgiving cooking session. Through making the dishes in this virtual way for your home or for you immediate Thanksgiving guest list, you’ll get to keep some normalcy in your 2020 Thanksgiving.

This session could involve solely family or keep your Friendsgiving celebrations thriving. This virtual Thanksgiving celebration lets everyone enjoy their traditional dishes and keeps everyone spending the holiday together in a not-so-traditional way.

Virtual Thanksgiving get-togethers aren’t limited to just cooking the dishes. After it is made, have your Thanksgiving dinner together over a virtual platform such as Skype or Microsoft Teams. Knowing that the people you love are there, in whatever capacity it is, will keep things feeling more intimate.

Thanksgiving Food Done for You

Sometimes, technology and virtual cooking sessions aren’t feasible. Sometimes, limitations just get in the way. There are still some options for those long-distance Thanksgivings.

This list of 20+ Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving will make long-distance Thanksgivings a little simpler.

For those meeting their loved ones halfway for the holidays, any of these places are options for a hot meal and a common destination. If you are living solo and traveling home to family isn’t an option this Thanksgiving, consider these carryout or catering options. Regardless of the reason, take comfort in knowing there are restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

If this is your option of choice for Thanksgiving 2020. Be sure to book your meals or reservations in advance to ensure dinner is served without any unneeded stress or anxiety when it comes to availability.

Whatever it is that you have to do to remain close to long-distance family during Thanksgiving, do it! This year has been nothing short of complicated. Do whatever you can to simplify things for you and your family this holiday season. Don’t be closed off or avoid trying something new because virtual get-togethers are a reality of 2020.

Gifts to Stay Connected

Sure, the meal is an important component of the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, but there are other ways to stay connected with long-distance family members this year. The Thanksgiving holiday is focused on gratitude and is a jumpstart to the season of giving, so, of course, gift delivery is another feasible option.

Sending gifts for Thanksgiving is a fun and thoughtful way of making those long-distance celebrations more intimate. These gifts may include (but are not limited to) a basket of treats, a personalized photo album or even a silly gag gift to lift spirits. Gift delivery is something special to consider when looking for how to celebrate Thanksgiving during Covid.

Our team of gift specialists (i.e. florists) at Atmore Flower Shop serving areas around Atmore, AL are here to help connect loved ones and bridge the gap no matter the distance. Whether that is an assorted gift basket of goodies, a Thanksgiving or holiday centerpiece or a personalized flower bouquet, we will work with you to create something that sends a message of unity and love.

Long-distance Thanksgivings are the last thing most of us want, but it is important to seize the day and work with the cards we are dealt with. May this year of uncertainty be a reminder to us all to cherish the moments we are given and go the distance for the people we love. Time is fleeting, but no good deed goes unnoticed.

Our team wishes you lots of love, gratitude and peace for Thanksgiving 2020 and the remaining holiday season.


What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy, and sometimes finding the right words to express your condolences can be difficult. If you worry that you might not have the right words in person, consider expressing your condolences with funeral flowers and a sympathy card.

The bereaved are dealing with a range of emotions that they may not express. People grieve differently, and it is best to show support regardless of their association with the deceased. Flowers are a way to show love and support.

When selecting flowers, you need to know that different flowers are associated with different emotions. Just as red roses depict love or passion, lilies and orchids are the popular choices for condolences. As you are choosing the flowers, you might want to figure out what to write in your sympathy card.

Are you unable to decide what to write? Don’t worry because we have gathered some examples for how to express your condolences through sympathy cards and funeral flowers.

What You Should Not Write in a Sympathy Card

Writing in a sympathy card can be an emotional yet daunting experience. As much as we’re aware that no words can ever offer the level of support and comfort capable of nullifying grief, it’s still important to show concern and empathy through the words you write in a sympathy card.

Words can help the grieving feel supported, loved, and cared for while they mourn. Therefore, one needs to be thoughtful, honest, and write with heartfelt emotion. As much as sincerity goes a long way, it is only helpful when it is positive in this situation. Here are certain things you should not put in a sympathy card.

‘You’ll be fine,’ is a phrase no one wants to hear when they are grieving. The loss of a loved one will never completely stop hurting, but those who grieve will find ways to cope as time passes. Telling someone who is grieving that they will be fine eventually can be taken as an insinuation that one day they’ll forget about the pain of the loss and perhaps forget their loved one.

‘Everything happens for a reason’ is a phrase that should not be used after someone has died. Seeing such a phrase in a sympathy card will probably aggravate the bereaved. This message lacks kindness, support, or affection. This is a generic term people use to make themselves feel better about a bad situation like a job layoff or a breakup. The phrase is not appropriate for the loss of a loved one.

‘Stay strong’ is another generic term, but this one cuts deep. This phrase insinuates that breaking down and mourning a loved one is a sign of weakness. This phrase is like saying that the bereaved should try to be strong in these times and limit the amount of emotions he or she displays. This phrase can be seen as rude and selfish.

Those phrases and other phrases like ‘it was a blessing in disguise,’ ‘these things happen,’ or ‘it’s a wake-up call’ among other similar phrases should neither be uttered nor written in a sympathy card because they reflect no real sympathy.

Those are some examples of what to avoid. Now we can highlight the things you can write in your sympathy card.

What You Should Write in a Sympathy Card

You can always share a personal memory of the deceased. When one dies, all we have left are the memories they left behind. If you knew the deceased, you should have at least one memory of a happy moment you shared with him or her. Anything like a funny story about the deceased’s quirks, how he or she impacted you, or a combination will do. Here’s an example:

‘Mark was such a funny friend. I remember when he singlehandedly drove four states so that he could purchase his favorite pie. He said the pie reminded him of the simpler times and how each slice was better than the last. Little did we know he had a thing for the waitress who is, of course, his wife today. He was a great friend that I shared a lifetime of memories with. Memories which now give me comfort as I’m sure yours do too. He will be missed.’

This message helps the bereaved, who, in this case, should be his wife, to remember her husband as the caring, funny, and empathetic person he was, regardless of how he died.

A short and heartfelt message will also suffice if you have no personal memories with the deceased. If you want to show your condolences to the bereaved, a letter like this will work:

‘My heart aches for you and your family during this time. I can’t begin to fathom what you may be going through, but I want you to know that death is not the end. Your beloved is still with us in love, spirit, and memory. I am here physically and emotionally for you, so if you need anything, please reach out to me.’

If you want to keep the message shorter, you can go with standard messages like ‘He/she always put others first, he/she will be missed,’ or ‘It saddens my heart to know you’re dealing with this loss. I’m here for you’ and any other heartfelt messages. However, the general idea here is to inform the bereaved that you care about the loss and are available for support.

When deciding what to write a sympathy card, just try to be sincere and caring. When it comes to funeral flowers, white roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and orchids are the typical funeral flowers often gifted with the sympathy cards.

You can also go the extra mile of arranging a bouquet of the deceased’s favorite flowers because a funeral should be filled with the deceased’s favorite things as a way of paying last respects. If you are honest and sincere during times of loss and sadness, people will be comforted by your presence and your words.

If you need help selecting sympathy flowers or sending your condolences in a sympathy card, let our experienced florists at Atmore Flower Shop serving areas around Atmore, AL help you communicate that you are there for others in times of need.

Everything You Need to Know About Ornamental Peppers

Do you want a colorful addition to your garden? Try planting ornamental peppers that are both lovely and delicious. These vibrant veggies not only beautify the garden but also enhance the flavor of recipes.

These decorative peppers grow fast in summer and are diverse in shape. Their colors vary by their type. Ornamental plants are grown as annuals outdoors, or they can be grown indoors in containers. Moreover, growing these ornamental peppers in your garden would be a relatively easy task. These small, funky fruits will make you cheerful every time you look at them.

How to Grow Ornamental Peppers

Ornamental pepper plants love to grow in hot weather. Make sure to plant these ornamental peppers when there is no frost and when it is warm both day and night. Start by planting seeds indoors in fertile and well-drained potting soil. Take care to keep the soil moisture intact but refrain from overdoing it to avoid it getting waterlogged.

Place the seed pots in a warm, bright place. They require around 75° F to grow, and it will take nearly two weeks. Transfer the ornamental pepper plants to some large pots outdoors once they have completed the eighth week of growth indoors.

You can also propagate ornamental pepper plants from cuttings. Select one healthy plant and cut off its dying foliage. Cut a few inches of a long stem that has around two leaf nodes and use a sharp knife. These nodes will sprout fresh leaves. Make sure the angle of the cut ensures there is the maximum surface area for increased water absorption.

Transfer the cutting into a pot with holes that contains well-drained, nutrient-rich soil, and place the cutting into a hole. Keep the pot well moistened in a warm place and transplant after eight weeks when the cutting has grown.

Some better growing tips for your edible ornamental pepper plants are water frequently when it is hot, but make sure they don’t become waterlogged, the soil in which the ornamental peppers grow must be fertile and well-drained, and mulch can be added within the growing area so that water gets retained and weeds don’t grow.

How to Care for Ornamental Peppers

Ornamental pepper plants have some growth requirements that must be fulfilled. Otherwise, the decorative pepper plant may wilt and die.


Ornamental pepper plants need to be grown where they receive maximum sunlight. Less than seven hours of daylight could be unhealthy for the growth of the plant. The plants should be exposed to at least eight hours of full sun, so they do not become leggy. If you grow these pepper plants indoors, use artificial lighting. 


An all-purpose fertilizer should be added to the ornamental pepper plant twice in the summer season. Fertilizer is essential for nutrient enrichment of the edible pepper plant. Slow-release fertilizer should be used in the early part of the growing season.

Pinching off Stems

Ornamental pepper plants may develop bushy growth if the top one inch of stems is pinched off when the plant is nearly six inches tall. The non-pinched plants can require staking after producing fruit. 


Grow your ornamental peppers in well-drained, loamy soil. Generously add compost, manure and trace nutrients to the soil for healthy ornamental pepper plants. 


Ornamental pepper plants have a limited tolerance to drought, so make sure to maintain a proper moisture level for the plant. Water the plants frequently enough to keep the moisture of the soil intact, especially when the weather is hot. However, make sure the plant does not get waterlogged. Allow the soil to slightly dry before you water the ornamental pepper bush again.

Optimum Temperature and Humidity

Optimum temperature is necessary for the healthy growth of the ornamental pepper bush. The optimum temperature for growth of ornamental peppers is 75° F. Humidity is another factor that affects growth. The roots of the plant should stay moist. 

Repotting in Containers

Ornamental peppers have small root systems as annuals. Use a six-inch container for potting a pepper plant since small containers may dry out quickly. Placing a large container outdoors that holds multiple ornamental peppers will be a good idea for the ideal growth of the plant.

You can pair the ornamental peppers up with some other ornamental plants that enjoy the same amount of sunlight. If the plants require water more than one time every day, then you need to repot them. Repotting plants is necessary as they grow.

Ornamental Pepper Care

The ornamental peppers are prone to leaf spot diseases when not taken care of properly. Once the pepper plant gets infected, the best remedy is to remove it to prevent the spread of that infection. Make sure not to replace this plant with some other ornamental pepper plant. Use an insecticidal spray on ornamental pepper plants to control insects and mites. 

Grow from Seeds

Always start growing the ornamental pepper plants from seeds. Start planting seeds around 8 weeks before the last frost, Cover with half an inch of soil. Get the temperature around 80 degrees using heating mats. Germination may require up to two weeks. 

Some Famous Varieties of Ornamental Peppers

 Black Pearl  Pepper

This variety of ornamental peppers displays purple-black fruits. As they mature, they turn to scarlet red. This ornamental plant grows 18 inches wide.

Pretty in Purple  Pepper

This decorative pepper plant has lovely purple fruits, leaves and stems. The fruits turn red on maturation. It is an ornamental as well as an edible pepper plant.

Medusa  Pepper

This annual plant develops mild fruits. The fruit turns from yellow to orange, and they eventually become red, showcasing a beautiful multicolored effect.

Sangria  Pepper

This pepper plant has green foliage and attractive purple fruits that mature to orange and red shades. It produces new fruits continually, so it displays a variety of colors. The pepper plant grows one foot tall.

Filius Blue  Pepper

This ornamental pepper is from Mexico. It produces round fruits that change their colors from green to blue to peach to red upon maturation. The fruit is very spicy when young, but the flavor becomes milder as it matures. This ornamental pepper plant grows six to ten inches wide.

Medusa  Pepper

This pepper plant has a twisty appearance. These edible, ornamental peppers have a sweet flavor. These are plants that grow ten inches wide and tall. The fruits change their shades as they mature from ivory white to yellow and orange before they turn to red.

Orange Wonder  Pepper

Orange wonder pepper is a bushy, ornamental pepper plant. This green pepper plant grows to produce orange peppers during the summer.

Chilly Chilli Pepper

This variety produces blunt-nosed, ornamental peppers that change their colors upon maturing from yellow to orange and eventually to bright red. This ornamental pepper plant grows ten inches tall. The flavor of this type of peppers is not spicy, unlike many other ornamental peppers.

Are Ornamental Peppers Edible?

Ornamental pepper plants are grown for the fruit. The fruits of ornamental peppers are edible, but their taste varies with each variety. They are hot and may lack sweetness so take care while using them for cooking. Wash them thoroughly before use and avoid touching your skin or eyes when handling them.

Those who eat ornamental peppers for the first time may feel abdominal discomfort because these peppers are very spicy. The ornamental peppers are cultivated pretty much for their looks and not their flavor.

The edible ornamental peppers add vibrant colors to your dish and enhance the spirit of an event. They are sometimes referred to as Christmas peppers because of their bright, red color. These ornamental peppers can turn a dull color palette to something brighter and more fun.

Difference Between Ornamental Peppers and Edible Vegetable Peppers

Although ornamental and edible peppers belong to the same genus, they have subtle differences. The ornamental peppers possess a dwarf growing habit compared to edible peppers. Edible peppers that are bred for vegetable gardens have distinct flavors whereas ornamental peppers have a flat, bitter, spicy taste. The fruits of ornamental peppers are produced at the tips of plants while edible peppers have their fruits hidden in the foliage.

From small black pearls to large round fruits, these attractive ornamental pepper plants make a beautiful garden display and exhibit a rainbow of bright colors. They are a great aesthetic choice for hanging baskets and gardens.

Many edible, ornamental peppers are used in making salads and dishes in the kitchen. Although the ornamental peppers are edible, they are sometimes not very tasty for first-time eaters.

However, ornamental peppers can be good for those who enjoy eye-watering spices. These ornamental plants are frost-intolerant and should be grown where there is plenty of sunlight. These ornamental pepper plants also grow flowers with vibrant colors that vary with each type.

So, what are you waiting for? Have some fun in your garden by planting these wonderful ornamental pepper plants. If you want more information on plants for your garden or home, our florists at Atmore Flower Shop serving areas around Atmore, AL are available for your plant and floral needs.

What Flowers Should I use for my Halloween-themed Wedding?

Many couples choose to adopt a theme for their big day, and why not? Having a themed wedding is sure to leave an impression on your guests and will have them remembering your wedding for years to come. It’s also nice to choose to do something a little different – it’s your day, so have fun with it!

Popular wedding themes include those themed after eras, films and annual holidays, with Christmas usually being the most popular of the latter. However, one holiday theme that’s becoming more and more popular is Halloween. Halloween is fun, autumnal and well-suited to weddings where families will be in attendance, so a guest at any Halloween wedding will surely feel like they are in for a treat… or maybe a trick!

One thing that could be difficult when planning your Halloween themed wedding is making sure you can carry the theme throughout, which can be difficult when it comes to choosing the perfect flowers. Luckily, there are some great Halloween flowers to choose from that will fit many themes!

What Makes a Halloween Bridal Bouquet?

First of all, what is it about your chosen flowers that will keep them in line with the theme?

You’ll know exactly what you want for your bouquet or Halloween wedding décor once you see it, but the best things to keep in mind as you are looking around is the color and style you like.

For instance, is your theme moody and gothic, well-suited to burgundy and black flowers and trailing ivy? Or, are you looking at a more natural, autumnal theme, perhaps utilizing colors such as purple or orange with plenty of extra sprigs, blooms and foliage to fill out your arrangement?

Either way, there are so many flowers out there that are just perfect for the Halloween theme of your wedding, and many can be mixed and matched to create the perfect arrangement for you.

Red Roses

Of course, this may be an obvious choice, but they’re popular because they are so lovely.

If your florist can acquire some deep, red roses for your big day and have them made up with a deep green ivy, tree fern and thistles, you can turn this traditional bloom and put a beautiful Halloween twist on a traditional wedding favorite. Roses are also versatile. They work great as hanging décor, as a table centerpiece, flower wearable and of course, as a bouquet.

If you would like to make your florals a bit darker, consider asking your florist about using black floral spray to really play up to your Halloween theme. The black edges with the brightness of the natural red petals coming through will be sure to wow your guests.

After all, roses and romance go hand in hand!

Black Calla Lily

Black calla lilies make the perfect addition to a Halloween bouquet. With their interesting shape and deep color – these are sure to catch the attention of all your guests, whether used in your bouquet or as part of your Halloween wedding décor.

Perhaps you’d like to dress them up a little for your bouquet by adding some extra foliage and greenery, but if not, these beautiful flowers don’t particularly need anything else surrounding them. They will make a unique and eye-catching bouquet exactly as they are!

If you are looking for something that you aren’t used to seeing at weddings but capture the perfect look and color for your Halloween theme, black calla lilies could be exactly what you want.


Dahlias have a naturally interesting look to them, with their round and shapely appearance and abundance of petals. They also come in a wide variety of colors, including two staples of the Halloween color pallet, yellow and purple.

One of the rarer varieties of dahlia is burgundy. These are perfect for your Halloween theme if your florist can source them. designed with care and nestled in extra greenery, dahlias will make for a unique and eye-catching bouquet, especially when combined with different colors to fit your color scheme.

Dahlias are quite a large flower, so you don’t need that many of them in order to give your arrangements a filled-out appearance. This is ideal for anyone looking to dress their tables and venue with the same flowers that they used in their bouquet.


Snapdragons are perfect for any bride looking for something a little different. These unique, tall flowers are grown in a variety of different colors and are often used to fill out a bouquet alongside other flowers and blooms. However, with enough added foliage, snap dragons make a beautiful bouquet on their own.

Consider adding orange snapdragons to your bouquet of deep purple flowers to really accentuate your Halloween color scheme, or maybe dress up some beautiful, deep red snapdragons with deep green thistles for a more natural and autumnal arrangement.

Either way, snapdragons are a great option for your Halloween themed wedding, and their bloom is often still going strong in October!

Chocolate Cosmos

Cosmos is a sweet and beautiful flower and can bloom in a range of different colors, including purple, orange and red.

However, a real wedding day showstopper would be a bouquet featuring the rare chocolate cosmos, a deep burgundy variety of the flower with a black center. They may be a little harder to track down but would be well worth the effort. Put together with the right foliage and greenery, perhaps with some smaller flowers in a well-suited color, chocolate cosmos would make for the perfect autumnal bouquet with a gothic Halloween twist.

Another pleasing attribute is that the name corresponds to the scent. The name ‘chocolate cosmos’ comes from the scent of – you guessed it – chocolate! What could be better than flowers that don’t just look great but smell perfect too?

If you’re unable to track down this rarer variety of cosmos, though, the more commonly available varieties still look beautiful and would make an excellent base for any bouquet, but especially for an autumnal Halloween wedding.

Whether you are interested in one of the flowers listed or some other dark and moody blooms, our expert florists at Atmore Flower Shop serving areas around Atmore, AL would love to create the perfect florals to make your Halloween dreams come true.

Fake vs. Real Flowers: Which are Better?

Bouquet of Pink Tulips

For better or for worse, there are flowers for any and every occasion. They are loved universally and are used in many shapes and forms. The ultimate question- real or fake flowers- which are better? We have the answer.

In order to properly select the flowers that are right for you, you need to understand why people choose to embrace (real or fake) flowers and incorporate them into their lives. These are the main reasons.

Why People Like Flowers

The reasons may vary because people’s opinions vary. Some people love all flowers. Others may only appreciate a select few. However, regardless if you appreciate one flower over another, the reason behind the appreciation is often the same.

The most obvious reason for a person to like flowers is based on their appearance. Their color, shape and the style they fit into attracts the eye and appeals to different buyers. Flowers are visually appealing. Their various styles and textures fill a need when trying to meet a certain aesthetic. A flower’s look is its most desirable quality.

Flowers are more than their initial look. Their beauty is found to its depth. They have health benefits. This includes beneficial components to both physical and mental health. Perhaps, it is the warm fuzzy feeling that comes after receiving them or the natural energy boost that comes from existing with them. There is a unique connecting factor to emotion and the natural benefits of flowers.

A flower’s fragrance is another one of their desirable factors. In fact, floral fragrances are so commonly desired that they are extracted and repurposed into perfumes and lotions.

Choosing a Side: Real or Fake

There are several reasons as to why you would choose real or fake flowers. Everyone has their own unique preference, but there is a debate to be settled. Which side will you choose to be on?

There are many factors to consider before joining in on the debate. Like all important conversations, there is always a group of people steadfast on their opinions with little to no wiggle room. Although not a political reform, the debate between real or fake flowers is still circling social circles everywhere.

Like any intellectual conversation that should be had, it is best to be backed by the facts that support your opinion.

A More Permanent Solution: Fake Flowers

Permanent botanicals- as many florists call them- are substituting real flowers in vases and designs everywhere. Their surge in popularity can be found in their use in home décor, floral accessories or even wedding designs.

What made them so popular? Are fake flowers tacky? Just as real flowers have health benefits, permanent botanicals have a person’s health in mind. Not every person has the luxury of stopping to smell the roses. It is an unfortunate reality.

For the people out there, who so desperately want to enjoy the existence of flowers but are halted to avoid an allergic reaction, fake flowers may be their only option. Floral allergy causes an unfortunate limit to the interaction with these natural elements. However, fake flowers are an option for the people suffering that allow them to incorporate nature into their home or to accent an event without repercussion.

Another reason why fake flowers may be a preferred option is the fact they are a more permanent solution. Perhaps, a fake flower enthusiast enjoys sporting a flower crown or wants florals to remain in a permanent location in their life. Some people even opt for fake flowers for their wedding, so they can have them as a beautiful keepsake.

A More Natural Solution: Real Flowers

Flowers add color to the earth and variety to the landscape. Many people seek to become one with nature, or at least, to become closer to it. This makes real flowers the first choice among many consumers, as they add color to lives.

While real flowers aren’t permanent, they can still be preserved, so don’t let that sway you away from enjoying a freshly cut and styled flower bouquet. Air drying and book pressing are just two options to consider when looking to preserve flowers. These techniques, along with many others, will allow you to repurpose your fresh flowers to enjoy them longer than the initial joy of receiving them.

One of the most common reasons that real flowers are the preferred option for so many is their authenticity. Real flowers feel different, look different and have a self-made scent. While permanent flowers have progressed to look and feel more like their natural counterpart, and there are substitutes for floral fragrance; there is a noticeable difference between the two.

They fill up space. Real flowers don’t just convey a message when they are sent as a gift. They can convey a message right in your home. When a fresh bouquet is sitting on a kitchen table or proudly displayed in an office or room, it tells your guests that you appreciate a fresh and clean space.

A Floral Affair: A Choice to Make

Facts are facts. Flowers make a powerful impact. How a person chooses to embrace that impact is up to them. The floral answer is complicated, as not all flowers are created equal in the eyes of many. However, there are flowers out there that are right for you.

Should you give real or fake flowers? It is important to do your homework and talk with an expert regardless if you are choosing to invite flowers into your own home or are looking to share them with someone you care about.

Convey a healthy, positive and beautiful message with flowers. Our florists at Atmore Flower Shop serving areas around Atmore, AL, are here to help any questions you may have. Although we are partial to the more natural elements of fresh flowers, we can and will help you when all your floral needs.

What do people want? Flowers’ existence in and of themselves pack a powerful punch. Who are we to say you need not share them in whatever way they work best for you?

Our jobs are not to question the floral answer you have made for yourself; it is to help fulfill the floral needs in your life. Our florists are on a mission. That mission is to make any home and every day a little more beautiful-with flowers- in whichever form you choose to embrace them.

Can Airbnb Host Weddings?

Wedding Ceremony with Flowers and Candles

Airbnb began with three guys renting out air mattresses in their apartment for some extra cash. It is now a $31 billion-dollar company that basically consists of people renting out their homes to strangers, temporarily.

If you are thinking of renting an Airbnb for the honeymoon, you may want to consider an Airbnb for the wedding venue too. Depending on what sort of venue you have in mind, there are a variety of Airbnb destinations, both here and abroad that double as wedding venues. A bonus for those already planning a destination wedding is that many of these sites include enough room for some of your guests.

There is no limit to the potential places for your wedding once you peruse the Airbnb offerings. There are English Garden manors, rustic lake houses in Texas, villas in Athens and Tuscany, beachfront mansions in Mexico and even a tree sanctuary in Hawaii.

Another perk to using an Airbnb is that you aren’t bound by the strict timeline of a traditional wedding venue. You can keep the wedding celebration going as long as you like. Guests staying on the premises can quietly retire to their rooms whenever they feel like it without worrying about who will be driving or calling cabs or Ubers.

If you are curious about using an Airbnb for your wedding venue, we have some tips, tricks and things to consider.

Picking the Property

When it comes to finding a property on Airbnb, the process is as easy as any other shopping online. Go to In the search bar, type location and start and end date. You can also choose the number of guests, although there is a limit to the number you can select.

Under amenities, check suitable for events to filter out places where events are prohibited. You will also need to contact the host to make sure that having a wedding at the venue is permitted. Some hosts are wedding planners or can act as a day of event planner, which can be very helpful.

Check with the host about the practical aspects like how many people will comfortably fit for the event, tables and chairs, and if the kitchen is adequate for preparing food for an event. If you need catering, find out whether caterers will need a generator and if the refrigerator will be large enough to handle food for an event. If you have more guests than the venue accommodates, make sure there is somewhere relatively nearby for them to stay.

Ask things like room count and whether there are ceremony areas both indoors and outside. Many hosts are kind enough to provide dimensions for rooms or even tables. You can ask about the plumbing and number of restrooms because there can be an issue with a large group of people and older plumbing. Also, make sure that there are two separate areas for you each to get ready before the wedding.

Ask about fees because the fee listed on the site may not include some of the extras you are discussing, especially when it comes to having a wedding and potentially having the host act as a wedding planner.

Practical Considerations

Although it may be an added cost, it is a good idea to visit the venue before committing. Pictures can be deceiving in many ways, and you want to be sure you have the venue of your dreams. The style of the venue influences the wedding theme, so seeing it in person is important. The décor and location can also inspire you.

When visiting, you can also explore local fare and try to determine what vendors you might be interested in using if you do need other vendors. You can find nearby places that might offer unique photo opportunities. You can also check out some activities for you and your guests to enjoy during your stay.

Is there enough parking at the location? Is there transportation like cabs and Uber if it is needed. Some other tedious questions that may need to be answered are whether you are allowed to put up a tent on the property, move around furniture and things, what kind of dishes, plates and silverware they have (in case you need to furnish them yourself to coincide with your wedding style), noise ordinances and trash disposal.

It is probably a good idea to get vacation rental insurance and possibly catering insurance to cover any mishaps.

Who Stays to Play?

There are perks to staying alone as newlyweds, and there are perks to staying with your closest family and friends. If you stay alone, you get a romantic honeymoon before the wedding even begins. It can also alleviate stress to have privacy during this tender and important time.

However, if you stay with family and friends, it can make the experience have a sense of unity and community among you and your guests. This is a personal preference, and either way, it’s best decided by both partners.

If you have discussed the details and agree to the fees, it just might be time to book it. Make sure everything is understood. If your host is also your planner, set up regular calls to discuss ideas and send pictures of cakes, flowers and more, so they can find the appropriate vendors. Even if your host isn’t your planner, he or she probably knows plenty of local vendors and will likely be happy to make suggestions.

If your host isn’t your planner, it is a good idea to find a planner, even for smaller, quaint weddings. Wedding worries are best left to the professionals.

Speaking of professionals, our florists at Atmore Flower Shop serving areas around Atmore, AL, would love to design your dream wedding florals. Give as a call today to set your wedding consultation.

Flowers You May Not Know Are in Your Perfume

Do you know what is in the products you use? Some do. Some have no clue. Some people care more about it than others. Some don’t care at all. We can’t speak for all products, but when it comes to flowers, they are in plenty of the products you use.

What we put into and onto our body matters. It can impact your health and overall wellbeing. This is why many people look to nature to provide them with what they need. This includes methods for better mental and physical health.

People look to nature to increase positive endorphins for better mood, to provide a place for exercise to better increase their energy and to spark a feeling of an improved and rejuvenated look. The sun adds color to our skin, and the flowers provide fragrance, color and are natural stimulants.

Due to all that nature offers, people are finding new ways, every day, to bring these natural remedies into more and more products they use, so it is only appropriate that we highlight one favorite that consistently contains florals- perfume.

Top Flowers Found in Perfumes…

The Rose

There are a variety of different flowers that can be found in fragrances. The queen be-auty floral of choice is by no means a surprise. The classically beautiful and ever-so romantic rose is worn with pride in so many areas of the beauty industry, especially perfumes.

Rose spray is another popular option. What is rose spray for? Rosewater spray is used for a variety of reasons. It helps with acne, skin irritation and helps remove oil and dirt in pores. Its uses range from anti-aging to antioxidants.

The Jasmine

It’s a popular name, a Disney princess and a flower used across a wide array of products. The jasmine flower is even used in tea, as it has a nice scent and a natural calming effect. It is deemed one of the sweetest smelling florals in the world by many. Jasmines are even used in aromatherapy.

Jasmines are also commonly incorporated in perfumes and cosmetics due to their popular and enchanting smell.

The Violet

It is a cool color that works especially well when worn with balanced skin tones, but violet is more than an attractive color. It is a popular floral with a refined fragrance commonly used in perfumes. The two most popular violets that could be a primary ingredient in your favorite fragrance are Victoria violets and Parma violets. They are also ingredients in many oils and lotions found in cabinets everywhere.

The Plumeria

It is a strong presence. Popular for its role in creating leis- the plumeria dominates the field in floral fragrance. It is the basic ingredient for a variety of perfumes. Their durability, pastel shades and scent make the plumeria THE floral for Polynesian islanders. These florals can last without wilting in freshwater for several days. It’s a bloom that people rightfully choose to include in their perfumes.

The Lavender

Stimulate your senses with this well-versed flower. It is known to be especially successful in helping to extract calm feelings. It is used in many favorite spa treatments- massages, manicures, pedicures- and is a go-to for disinfecting, as it has a pleasant scent.

The lavender flower can help improve sleep. It is a natural pain reliever and can potentially promote hair growth. The positive benefits of lavender make it ideal for a variety of products you have at home, including perfume.

Why Flowers …

Flowers are nature’s representation of how no two things are exactly alike, not even identical twins. This may affect the perfumes you wear, as no two flower’s scents (even of the same species) are going to be the same. Perfumes are typically a concoction of oils, flowers and select ingredients carefully paired to make your favorite fragrance. Although the combinations used to create these fragrances may remain secret to preserve their quality, no two will be identical.

Flowers are chosen to pair with some of your favorite ingredients, so you can walk confidently in your chosen scent. Perfumes are practically a cocktail of florals, memories and emotion with a dash of spice. Fragrances evoke the senses and choosing the right one for you is all a part of the fun.

How to Know What Works for You

Determining the perfume or cologne that is right for you is based on one specific factor- your preference. A lot of trial and error is involved when it comes to determining what works best for you. Determine what scents you like in your daily life (i.e. vanilla or coffee) and work your way from there, as many perfumes and colognes will contain such ingredients.

Th best way of finding the right fragrance that matches your body chemistry is through testing a variety. Apply the scent to a warm area of your body like your wrist or your elbow. This allows the scent to heat up and reveal how it partners with your body’s natural fragrance.

Scents change over time and gradually lesson as it sits. Like any new relationship, it is important to take the time to court a new scent, as it may get better or may get worse over time. You want to make sure the chemistry is there before committing to it.

Body chemistry and a person’s natural scent varies among each individual person. This means that a perfume, cologne or body mist won’t smell the same on every person. It is just another reason why it is important to invest time instead of wasting money on a scent that isn’t going to work for you.

Our florists at Atmore Flower Shop serving locations in and around Atmore, AL,are here to help give you a better sense of what flowers work for you. Although we aren’t perfume or cosmetic chemists, we are experts in what formulas make for beautiful and lasting floral pairings and draw out the chemistry of emotion.

Top Landscaping Tips and Tricks for the Summer

Summer is all about fun in the sun and anything that involves nature’s embrace. If you are all about self-care and loving all that nature has to offer during the summer season, we have top landscaping tips and tricks to get your home prepped for the season.

There is a lot to consider when landscaping during the summertime. Often, your geographic area is going to be your greatest contributor to whether your landscape thrives or dies before you can reap the benefits.

Avoid the Inevitable- What You Don’t Do.

Rules are meant to be followed. Sorry to burst the bubbles of any skeptics out there. Rules even apply to how to landscape in the summertime. If you want your landscape to flourish and bloom, you need to understand what there is to do and not to do.

DON’T let the pests infest your summer landscaping. Chores may not be fun, but they ensure everything is kept at tip-top shape and thriving. Avoiding potential or living pests in your yard is more of a threat to your summer landscaping than you may realize. Pesty lawn critters can kill all the time you invested in and can prevent progress by causing brown spots in your yard. Talk with your local lawn experts about your options for preventing pests for your yard.

Don’t neglect to water your landscaping, especially if it is freshly planted. Just like how your body needs water to survive, your lawn needs to stay hydrated to thrive. Avoid watering at the hottest parts of the day, but also avoid waiting until nighttime. You don’t want the water to evaporate before proper hydration, but you also don’t want it to sit and make your yard soggy. It’s about balance.

Invest Your Time to Reep the Benefits- What You Should Do.

If you understand what not to do, you already have an idea of what you should do. However, we have additional tips for keeping your summer landscape at its best.

Mow correctly. This means you shouldn’t scalp your grass. You may be tempted, as the summer heat makes wanting to avoid this task all too relevant. Unfortunately, this may risk the deteriorating health of your hard.

Your summer landscape doesn’t just involve your lawn. It is important to dedicate some extra TLC (tender love and care) to your potted plants and herbs. It is important to keep your potted landscape well-watered and in the proper sun/shade ratio. Your local florist or lawn care professional will be able to help give you the pertinent information for your area.

Stay on top of weeds and other unwanted guests in your summer landscape. Weeds aren’t just an eyesore on your summer landscape; they also steal nutrients from your grass. To control weeds in the summertime, it is all about the preemergent you put down in the spring. This can be used a couple of times a year, depending on your need. It helps prevent the germination of weeds’ seeds in your landscape.

Plants That Thrive During the Summertime.

It varies depending on the area in which you are located, but there are some go-to plants to keep in mind for the summertime.

One of the plusses of the season is the ability to enjoy nature and all it offers us. It is about taking in the sun and kicking back with loved ones in nature. Outdoor activities are a must. It is ideal to have a yard you are proud of in the summertime. It should be an inviting place.

If you are a Florida native or live in another toasty, hot environment, the crape myrtle will survive and radiate in the summertime, but if you are a northern native, don’t expect it to make it through winter.

A foliage favorite by florists and customers alike, the eucalyptus is a crowd-pleaser. It continues to grow through heat and drought. It can grow as much as 6 feet a year, and it has fragrant leaves that can be trimmed and brought in to enjoy inside.

It’s a site of frost in the summer, or so it appears. Dusty miller provides a unique style that is perfect for the border of a home. As another popular foliage, the dusty miller is an attractive contrast to more colorful blooms. This frosty-looking foliage requires minimal care, accepts most soils and will complement your flowers in your summer landscape.

Summer Flowers to Keep in Mind.

Add some tropical flavor to your summer landscape with the hibiscus. It is loved for its large blooms that boast its beauty. Dictate where your hibiscus lives as the seasons change by planting it in a pot. This will help you enjoy the bold blooms all year. This character bloom requires at least six hours of sunlight a day, and it is known to bloom for years with little attention.

If you are all about the bold hues of summertime, the multicolored blooms sported by the lantana may be the flower of choice for you and your summer landscape. They love the sun, flower all season long and require little maintenance to stay vibrant. They are flashy enough to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and create a stunning display for a home’s landscape.

They live to face the sun and are proudly adopted as the favorite flower by people everywhere. The sunflower is a summer staple, and rightfully so, as they become more beautiful and more prominent in the peak of heat and sunlight. Once the blossom opens, it faces east. This is important to keep in mind when planting to get the desired aesthetic with your summer landscape.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to how to landscape for the summer, but that shouldn’t stop you. It is the season to see the fruit of our labor, the many joys of nature and to relish in the moments the season offers us.

There is so much that can be done to a home’s exterior to truly embrace all the beauty of the summer season. A fresh new paint color, a color blocking focus or an overall landscape makeover to name a few. What are you looking to do with your yard this summer? Our team at Atmore Flower Shop serving Atmore, AL,would love to help you!

Fourth of July Craft Party

The Fourth of July may be entwined with thoughts of summer, grilling and fireworks, but the celebration itself has much more meaning. This year is a chance to capture that meaning with some fun, Independence-Day inspired activities.

The Fourth of July, Independence Day and July Fourth are all names for the day we celebrate an intense moment in our nation’s history. It dates back to 1776 when the delegates from the thirteen colonies adopted the historic document, the Declaration of Independence, in a move to establish their own government separate from Great Britain.

In that summer of 1776, the colonists held mock funerals for the king, and anytime the Declaration of Independence was read publicly, it was accompanied by festivities like concerts, bonfires, parades and the firing of cannons and muskets. Sounds like a good time, right?

At least nowadays, we don’t need mock funerals of monarchies that are in control. However, the pandemic that the world recently experienced has led to changes in the way we celebrate. As a result, this Fourth of July might not involve the large crowds and gatherings that sometimes coincide with this holiday.

Change doesn’t have to be bad, though. It is important to be adaptable and make the best of things. If you change how you celebrate, you may find it is more fun to get together with a small group of close family and friends versus a crowd of strangers.

So why not gather and make something to commemorate this special day? We have some easy Fourth of July crafts and activities to make your Independence Day gathering even more fun and meaningful. You might even start a whole new tradition for this holiday.

These crafts and activities are fun for adults and children. Take a look at these activities and decide which of these crafts jive, so you can get all the necessary supplies to make the Fourth of July come alive!

Rocket Launchers

For a fun experiment that is quick and easy enough for kids, you can create rocket launchers with cups and rubber bands.

Place two rubber bands lengthwise, crossing one another across the cup opening. Place a third rubber band around the cup, to secure the two rubber bands in place. This creation is the “rocket.” Place a second cup upside down on a flat surface. Put the “rocket” over the second cup. Holding the lip of the rocket cup, pull down and release to launch your rocket.

You can make several of these and compete once you launch to see whose rocket goes the furthest. This is a safe way to launch something into the air.

Patriotic Bracelets or Necklaces

What could be better than creating a piece of patriotic, decorative jewelry for the holiday? With the simple materials of string or thin yarn, scissors, scotch tape, blue pony beads and red straws, you can make a cute necklace or bracelet.

Start by cutting the straws into one-inch pieces and set them up with some of the blue pony beads. Cut the string the appropriate length for either a necklace or a bracelet, leaving a little extra for tying the ends together.

Tie a pony bead to one end to prevent the other straws and beads from slipping off, and on the other end, wrap the scotch tape to keep the string or yarn together and make it easier to bead.

Arrange the beads and straws by simply sliding them on the string in any pattern. Tie the ends once the creation is complete. Cut off the ends with the pony bead, tape and discard. Everyone can show off their patriotic designs.

Flowers for the Fourth

There are many beautiful flower arrangements featuring red, white and blue flowers for the Fourth of July. Flower arrangements are a great way to decorate for the occasion. In keeping with the spirit of this year’s Fourth of July crafts, you can also incorporate these fresh-cut flowers into a craft for your guests.

During the party, have guests decorate mason jars with stars, sequins, glitter, paint and watered-down glue. Once the party is over, let your guests take the fresh-cut flowers from arrangements home in the mason jars they decorated. Guests are certain to remember this activity and surprise party favor fondly.

If you think you would like to add some patriotic arrangements to your Fourth of July gathering, contact our florists at Atmore Flower Shop in Atmore, AL, .

Firecracker Noisemakers

Let’s make some noise! That phrase should ignite some excitement. We can tell you how to make even more noise.

All you need is a hammer, a nail, metal cans, metal lids from glass jars or bottles, string or twine and either patriotic paper or a patriotic scene drawn or painted on some paper and tape.

With the hammer and nail, punch a hole through the top center of the metal can and metal jar lid. Thread both ends of twine or string through the hole in the can. Tie the string ends to the metal lid. This creates the ringer. Then knot the string a few inches above the lid to keep it hanging inside the can.

Tie another knot outside the can to keep the string from getting pulled all the way through. Make a third knot at the top end of the twine to create the handle for the bell. Finish your firecracker noisemaker by taping patriotic or decorated paper around the can.

Patriotic Tie-Dye Shirts

Summer is the best time for tie-dye. It can be quite messy, so it is best done outside with some garbage bags or plastic sheeting underneath where you plan to have your workspace. If you want to have your guests all participate, either have them bring a plain white shirt or order some cheap white shirts in approximated sizes for guests who want to participate.

There are tie-dye kits available, or you can make your own. Choose pre-washed, 100 percent cotton shirts, and if you soak the shirt for several minutes in soda ash (sodium carbonate) mixed with warm water, the color will absorb better.

Begin by gathering in a diagonal from the edge you want to start on. You can start at the shoulder or the bottom corner. Zip-tie the first tie about 4 inches or so from the shoulder or bottom edge then every two inches until the end.

The big section by the shoulder/collar is blue. Then alternate red and leave white for the rest of the sections. Wear gloves. Work over the plastic on a drying rack. Gently squeeze out the dye in each zip-tied section of the shirt.

Using the baking rack will keep the dye from puddling and running together underneath. Wrap your creation in a grocery bag and place it in a warm area for 6-8 hours. Next, remove the shirt from the bag and rinse out with warm water. Rinse, ring, rinse, ring, rinse and ring. Clip off the zip-ties carefully. Rinse and ring until the water runs clear. Throw the shirt in the washing machine with your preferred cleaner. Dry it in the sun or the dryer, and it is ready to wear.

For a much faster alternative, consider tie-dyeing your shirt using watered down acrylic paint. The shirt will need to dry, but once you heat-set it by tossing it into the drier, it will be ready to wear. This method is similar to the traditional tie-dying method, but it does not require hot water or as much preparation as the above, traditional method. This quick method can be accomplished in a much shorter amount of time.

Patriotic Flag Shirts

Another way to take a white shirt and make it a patriotic masterpiece is easily attained with white shirts, blue and red fabric paint, a paint sponge or brush, freezer paper, cardboard and an iron.

Cut out stripes and stars from the freezer paper. Freezer paper is plastic coated on one side, which allows it to stick to fabric if heated with an iron. Iron the freezer paper stars and stripes on the shirt. Insert cardboard inside the shirt, so the paint won’t bleed through. Use the fabric paint to color the shirt. Let it dry, and once it is dry, let your patriotic flag fly!

Patriotic Neighborhood Parade

Once you have finished your Fourth of July activities, a great way to conclude an awesome day is with a parade. Granted, we may all still need to keep some distance, but if we spread out, we can still have a parade with bicycles, wagons, golf carts and whatever else you may have to decorate.

Don’t forget that you will be decked out, too. What better way to show it off than in an impromptu parade?

Without the Declaration of Independence, our country might be completely different. It is worth celebrating our independence and the bravery that lead to it this Fourth of July. Even if celebrations are a little different, the meaning behind them is what counts!

Easy-to-Care-For Plants and Flowers

With more and more attention given to the positive effect nature can have on our physical and mental well-being, it makes sense to try to find a way to incorporate more nature into our environments both at work and at home.

If you are thinking of going green but worried you don’t have a green thumb, let us help you get started. Like learning to dance, sometimes you just need to find the right partner, or, in this case, flower, tree, grass or plant.

Whether you want happy houseplants and fabulous flowers, easy edible plants or a landscape with longevity, we have some advice that should suffice to make gardening nice.

Happy Houseplants and Fabulous Flowers

Researchers at Stanford conducted a study comparing the effects of urban versus natural settings. In the study, participants were split into two groups that each walked in the two separate natural and urban settings. Physiological effects were the same for both groups. However, researchers discovered startling differences in brain activity according to setting.

Those walking in nature had markedly reduced brain activity in the area of the brain associated with “repetitive thought focused on negative emotions.”

Lead author of the study, Gregory Bratman, a graduate student in Stanford’s Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, the Stanford Psychophysiology Lab and the Center for Conservation Biology, said, “This finding is exciting because it demonstrates the impact of nature experience on an aspect of emotion regulation – something that may help explain how nature makes us feel better.”

The positive effect extends to freshly cut flowers and bouquets. In a 2005 study, women who received flowers enjoyed better moods that lasted several days. Similarly, elderly patients who received flowers experienced better moods and improved memory.

For some easy, indoor options, the peace lily, snake plant, African violets, jade plant and begonias are easy as can be to grow indoors.

Peace Lily

These gorgeous plants have elegant white flowers that stand out against dark green leaves. They make wonderful gifts as they are easy to grow indoors. Keep soil moist but do not overwater. Although they are a tropical plant and like warmer temperatures, keep them out of the direct afternoon sunlight. Peace lilies do like a bright, well-lit area.

With the proper care, a peace lily can bloom off and on most of the year. Peace lilies got that name because their white flowers reaching above the green leaves looked like little white flags of peace. Bring some peace into your home and cleanse the air of toxins with the peace lily plant.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is a hardy succulent that can grow in most conditions. It can handle low light but thrives in brighter light. It can survive droughts and is very resistant to pests. Let this plant dry out between watering and use free-draining soil.

Like the peace lily, these plants also cleanse the air of toxins and can thrive without much attention. These are also easily propagated, so with proper care, you can have a house full of these fresh, clean-looking plants.

African Violets

These plants, with their lovely flowers in shades of purple, white and red, are a popular choice as they bloom all year. They do not require much, but they seem to do best in a pot with a water reservoir.

African violets like bright, indirect light. When you water them, make sure to avoid getting cold water on the leaves to avoid them spotting, browning or even possibly dying. These pretty flowering-plants will be a beautiful accessory to brighten your space and your mood.

Easy Edible Plants

To take the positive effects of nature and plants even further, why not consider gardening? The act of gardening gets us more active and can help alleviate depression by releasing feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine in the brain. In fact, a May 2007 study published in Science Direct, Volume 146, Issue 2, found that soil has a bacterium called mycobacterium vaccae that triggers the release of serotonin. If you want anxiety to be foiled, toil in the soil!

Another positive aspect of gardening is that you can grow your own healthy food that is free of dangerous pesticides. This can also be a great incentive for healthy eating. Some extremely easy options are zucchini, mint and chard, but the options are endless once you get the hang of gardening.

Zucchini Squash

Zucchini squash yield a lot of food in a short amount of time. They love sun and light and grow quite large. To harvest, cut the fruit when they are six to eight inches long. If allowed to grow larger than that, they become less flavorful. The flowers of this plant are also a pretty and edible addition to a salad.


When it comes to growing, mint will take off in a sprint. It grows like a weed in soil. Mint is so easy to grow, even in harsh conditions, that it will sometimes take over the garden. You can pick it bare, and it will still grow back.

To prevent spread, you can contain the plants in planters or grow it in a tower garden. However, if it does spread, this wonderful plant does repel mosquitos, spiders, fleas and ants.


Looking for gardening that isn’t too hard? Look no further than chard. Of the greens, chard is the easiest to grow. It can be grown any time of the year indoors or outside in the garden. This plant has leaves that are similar to spinach and thick stalks. It is rich in vitamins A, C and K and can be used in many dishes.

Although it may be less well-known than other greens typically grown, don’t discard the chard!

Landscape with Longevity

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health examined the impact of green settings on children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This study found that activities in natural settings reduced symptoms when compared to activities in more urban, indoor settings.

Indian Hawthorn

A low-growing, evergreen shrub- Indian Hawthorn doesn’t require pruning to keep its figure. It is not a fussy shrub and can tolerate most types of soil and moderate drought. It’s delicate, charming flowers are seen in spring, but the rest of the year, this shrub produces dark berries that will be enjoyed by birds and wildlife. This easy, landscaping plant will not only add beauty to your yard. It will also add interest in the form of visiting wildlife!


The daisy-like flowers of the coreopsis plant are guaranteed to bring some sunshine to your outdoor space. These bright, smiling plants are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant and will attract birds, bees and beautiful butterflies! These plants are not choosy about soil-type, and the cut flowers can decorate your home.

Ribbon Grass

Do you have a spot where nothing will grow? If so, you might want to consider ribbon grass. Ribbon grass is an ornamental grass that can be used as a groundcover or to prevent erosion. It must be mentioned that this grass is so apt to grow and spread wildly that it is banned in some states. Best used only in difficult growing conditions, but its bullying nature can be made afraid when faced with shade.

These are just some of the options for an easy introduction to plants, flowers, grasses, trees and everything in between. If you would prefer to choose a plant that is already growing, we have some options and would be happy to help you select a plant or two to live with you.

Flowers are another option for enjoying increased productivity and happier moods. Our florists at Atmore Flower Shop serving Atmore, AL, are always glad to accompany someone on a journey to discover how to incorporate the beauty of nature into a home or workplace.