How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Long Distance Relationships

Love knows no distance, especially in an online dating world. If you are looking for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other who lives miles away, consider your gift delivery options. In a world full of the here and now, no holiday needs to go uncelebrated.

Whether you’re in a long-distant relationship or your significant other is out of town for Valentine’s Day, there is no need to let the holiday go by without acknowledgment. Valentine’s Day is the holiday that celebrates love, in all forms. Of course, celebrating miles apart is not ideal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overlooked.

Love Knows No Distance.

In the tech-savvy world we live in, many struggles can be overcome at the click of a button. Online dating is just one example. Juggling work life and social life is a struggle in and of itself. The online dating world has confirmed the notion that love knows no distance and has no limitations. It has minimized all the obstacles that come from distance.

Although the bridge for communication is made easier, that doesn’t mean the discouragement and loneliness isn’t still there. Nothing can quite mimic the emotion that comes from physical touch and the feeling of your significant other’s presence near you.

There must be a unique level of dedication and communication practiced by couples who are in long-distance relationships. It takes calling despite the time difference and staying up to make those Skype calls. It is learning to prioritize your time together and being okay with juggling your two worlds.

If you aren’t long-distance, but the time is approaching where you will be, it is important to not solely focus on what the relationship will be like separated. You must have the foundation set beforehand. Don’t place too much emphasis on keeping constant communication. It makes you reliant, so when one of you is busy and can’t talk, it can be problematic.

It is important to try and talk at least once a day. Don’t feel as though you have to talk to each other 12 hours daily in order to maintain a healthy relationship. In fact, the healthiest relationships consist of two independent people who want to spend time together but aren’t reliant on constant contact. There is a healthy balance.

When you find this balance, it makes long-distance relationships doable. This includes the harder tasks like celebrating holidays with someone who isn’t physically with you.

Ways to Keep the Holiday Special

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. It is every couples’ excuse to dress up, go out and treat the person or people they care about most. Some people love Valentine’s Day. Some people love to hate Valentine’s Day. Regardless, it draws strong emotions.

For those who are sour to the subject of Valentine’s Day traditions because they struggle with the concept of romance, understand there are no rules. Asking someone to be your valentine doesn’t have to be a simple “check yes or no” on a hand-written love note. It is a new era with a very new way of doing things. This means holiday traditions are made more personal, and nothing has to be one set way.

Valentine’s Day can be made special in so many ways. In a long-term relationship, this is done most effectively by staying on the same page. Due to possible interferences, it is important to discuss plans ahead of time.

Dates over Facetime and Skype are not uncommon in this day in age. Although its convenience is ideal for long-distance dating, it only works when each person is on the same page. One sweet and ideal surprise is having their favorite food delivered to them via food delivery service. This way, you can treat your sweetie to dinner and share it in good company.

This is just one example of how to make her feel special this Valentine’s Day when in a long-distance relationship, but every gesture has the same desire backing it. It’s the desire to celebrate the lady who is so special to you.

How to Celebrate Someone Who Isn’t with You

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at a distance- it may have never been something you thought you would have to deal with. Whether it is your first Valentine’s Day apart or you’re both familiar with celebrating solo, there are some easy-to-apply tips for making long-distance relationships and long-distance holidays meaningful.

Celebrating the woman you love can seem like a daunting task. You have to try to avoid being generic, include romance and personalize her Valentine’s Day surprises all at the same time. Celebrating your significant other can be done any day leading up to February 14th and every day after. You aren’t limited to the holiday itself.

Write love letters, send spontaneous texts and call just to say you love her. Reminding your significant other she is cared for is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Date night doesn’t have to end with a Skype dinner date. Watch a movie together. Laugh together, as you reflect on childhood memories. Exchange childhood photos along with some of your partner’s favorite things (i.e. treats, fuzzy socks, romcoms, etc.). It’s those little gestures that matter most, and it’s in moments like these that she falls deeper in love with you and you with her.

She just wants to know she is thought of. She wants to know you find her beautiful. She wants to know that you took the time to surprise her with a gift. All she wants is to know you are willing to put in the effort to make things work. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. It just has to come from the heart. That’s you. You are her heart.

Gift delivery is not a rising trend. It is the here and now. More and more people result to gift delivery on the day-to-day than ever before. It is used for any and every occasion. It is not reserved for long-distant family members or significant others. Most people have participated in gift delivery at least once and are bound to use it again. Valentine’s Day gifts are no exception.

We live in a world of convenience. Everything is faster, easier and more convenient. With the click of a button, your voice can travel miles… just like your gift.

Gifts You Can Send Her that She’ll Love

All she truly wants is your time and attention but sending something pretty helps. Sending something beautiful gives her an idea of the beauty that you see in her. Flowers are often a popular option, specifically for Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are one of the many gifts you can have delivered for Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. Their popularity stems from their ability to convey meaning and deliver a message despite any distance. Having flowers delivered to her doorstep this Valentine’s Day will help freeze that moment in time. At that moment, she forgets about the miles that separate you, and she’ll reflect on what keeps you both connected.

That’s love.

Among the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers are roses. They are the symbol of romance. This bold bud can take the strong emotion associated with romance with it wherever it goes. It exudes a fragrance that attracts like pheromones and draws the eye like your lover’s attraction towards you. It’s among the most powerful gift that nature grows for us that florists deliver to us.

Our team of Valentine’s Day experts at Atmore Flower Shop in Atmore, AL, is here to help with any specific questions you may have about Valentine’s Day flowers and other complementary gifts to send. Florists are there to help travel the distance when you can’t. Check with the local florists in your significant other’s area to see who can deliver to them.

Those Valentine’s Day favorites like roses and lilies are best ordered ahead of time to ensure she gets that beautiful gift on time. Specific orders should be made with adequate notice, as this is an important time of the year for couples everywhere.

Make the moments matter and show her that no distance will separate the connection you two share. Remind her that she is worth every mile when planning out what you are doing to make your long-distance Valentine’s Day special.

Gifts for New Parents

There is no excitement that is truly comparable to the anticipation of new life. New parents holding their pure, innocent child is the deepest expression of love. When gifted with a child, life becomes more meaningful, and nothing else will ever feel as important as taking care of this part of you.

Before you can decipher what gift would be the most appropriate to the couple it will be given to, consider when and where it is given. Is it a baby shower gift, or is it a special delivery following THE delivery?

Gifts for new parents can come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in many forms. Due to the growing number of gifting options, finding the right gift for new parents is more complicated and more convenient than ever. There are many more choices to filter through, but most of these choices have delivery included, so that makes the job a little easier.

If you are a new parent, aren’t a parent yet or are just not sure what is an appropriate gift for new parents now, look no further. The inspiration you need when looking for what gifts to give new parents is here.

A Bundle of Joy

For the new parents who are quite sure what to expect, know no amount of new parent self-help books are truly enough to compare to the first-hand experience. No book can prepare you enough for the sleep deprivation or the amount of diapers one baby can go through. You hear about it, but it doesn’t sink in until the reality of that new bundle of joy is here.

The new mom may appreciate something just for her. A basket with some treats she has been craving or some wine after those long months may be just what she needs. Check with the expectant mom. See what she may want or may feel in dire need of. It is important to check first to ensure everything is appropriately chosen.

The best gifts for new parents, specifically new moms, are the gifts that make them feel like themselves. There is a lot that comes with being a new mom and recovery takes some time. A new, comfortable set of pajamas and a weighted blanket may be exactly what she needs to bundle up and get the most out of her “nap” time.

With every new bundle of joy comes with him/her a set of ups and downs. Every child is different. They sleep different, eat differently and cry a little different. It helps to get advice from people who have been there before you. However, all new parents truly need is the gift of togetherness.

Remind your friends, who are new parents, that it is ok that you haven’t hung out or talked in a while. With a new bundle of joy comes a new set of priorities. Show them you understand. Give them the gift of your time. Have dinner delivered to them. Meal prepping gets a whole lot harder when you can barely keep your eyes open and are hovering over a little one at every moment of the day.

If your new mom friend sounds stressed and you are close in proximity, offer to bring lunch and help clean the kitchen. Give her time to get a shower and take a nap, and she will start to feel like herself again. It’s a gift that doesn’t take a lot, but it will mean the world.

When momma’s happy, everyone is happy. This specifically pertains to new moms. Her mood and overall health affect her new bundle of joy because they are a package deal.

A Package Deal

It’s a package deal. Parents of new babies gain new expectations out of life. Everything they do not only has consequences for them but also for their baby. That being said, if it can help with the baby, it’s the perfect gift for new parents. Speaking of a package deal, delivery services are gifts that keep on giving and right to their door.

Time is fleeting, and patience is wearing thin. Help the new parents with a cleaning subscription service. Cleaning professionals will come to their home and help with the extra tasks they haven’t been able to get to. You may not be there to help in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. Be sure to let the parents schedule the services for themselves. Having a cleaning service show up unannounced is a recipe for disaster.

Sitting down and eating dinner seems impossible with a new baby. Let alone shopping for the food to cook. Food delivery or grocery delivery services relieve some of that stress. The new mom or dad can sort through an app or order through a website to ensure their breakfast, lunch and dinner are accounted for, not just their baby’s. New parents need to eat too!

An Amazon Prime membership is another practical gift to give new parents. Buying them a year membership can help them immensely when it comes to minimizing the day-to-day and week-to-week home inventory runs. Things like diapers, wipes and formula are there any time they need them. It’s nearly as quick and easy as our flower arrangement hospital deliveries.

A Hospital Delivery

It’s an entirely new world for first-time parents. Taking on the responsibility of raising a new life is nothing to overlook. It is one of the most important jobs to ever be assigned. You are not just raising your namesake. You are also raising the next generation of people who will be running the world.

Along with this new responsibility is a new wave of emotional and physical strain. It can wear on you. Having to take on those first crucial bonding days in an unfamiliar place with doctors and nurses doesn’t ease the struggle.

Our team at Atmore Flower Shop in Atmore, AL, are here to make any hospital (or home) delivery a little easier. While subscription services are useful gifts for new parents, flower delivery is available the same day and can be personalized your way for the recipient.

Every new mom, new dad and new parent deserves to be celebrated on such a special occasion. There are a variety of different options to choose from. We want to make your gift for the new parents in your life special and personalized to your recipient.

There are many approaches to gift and flower delivery for new babies or new parents. You can go with a gender-specific flower arrangement (all pink or all blue) when sending new baby flowers, or you can opt for a birthday arrangement. It is their only actual BIRTH-day, after all. There are so many options for flowers to send to new parents. It all boils down to talking with your local florist about what you are wanting to send.

Be specific with your floral choices to meet the new parent’s style, the new mom’s preference or go with a more meaningful style that is personal to the message you are looking to send.

A Signed Message

It’s all signed, sealed and delivered. It’s yours. It’s your gift to give. It’s your message to send.

Many new parents refrain from having a multitude of guests visit the newborn for the first few weeks. This could be due to the desire to hoard those critical first days of bonding or to isolate the baby from excess germs for his/her first few days.

Regardless, it is important to respect every new parents’ wishes regarding their baby. It’s important to remember that even when you can’t be there physically, you can always be there through a kind and encouraging message or a thought-out gesture.

Flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and additional deliveries to the hospital are a way of saying how proud you are for the new parents and are appropriate new baby gifts. Each delivery can be customized for the new parents. This includes a signed card message with your best wishes.

Being a new parent is scary, and no one can truly prepare you for what is to come. It takes a lot of sleepless nights, doctor’s office visits and long talks with your loved ones. However, there is no reason why a new parent should face this new adventure alone.

Let our gifts for new parents help give you the comfort of being there when it is needed most. One small act of kindness can mean the world to someone, especially new parents. Talk with us about your options today.